An Asher Holmes PTA Fundraiser was hosted by Marlboro ATA Martial Arts.  The children were charged ten dollars each and all of the proceeds were donated to the PTA. 

Subjects that were taught to the children:

  • What is Bullying
  • What should you do if you are bullied
  • How to have Self Confidence and self esteem so you are not targeted
  • Importance of eye contact
  • Voice is extremely powerful
  • Always tell an adult

The children watched an interactive video and they learned some basic martial arts skills from the instructors.  The curriculum is designed to arm students with the tools and information they need should they be faced with a bullying situation. 

Parents were also included the seminar. The instructors explained that if a child gets bullied in school the parents should immediately email the principal & cc the childs teacher.  They were instructed to ask the school ‘what will the next steps be to rectify this situation?’.  Parents have to advocate for their children regardless of age.

Laurie Swanson, the owner of Marlboro ATA Martial Arts, is always willing to help the Marlboro community in any way she can.  The Asher Holmes PTA Fundraiser was such a wonderful success.  If there are any other PTA groups that would like Marlboro ATA to host a fundraiser for them, you can reach by text, phone call or email.

Marlboro ATA Martial Arts

455 County Road 520

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