Bullying has always been a problem among students in every school.  Children often learn troublesome social skills from both their family members and their peers, which can even make coming to school a painful experience.  It is an impossibility for our teachers to see and hear everything that takes place in our schools as much as they would like to.  This lack of control is a frustrating reality to teachers, parents and most importantly the students.  Unfortunately, bullying is a social norm among children.  It is a recurring behavior that is unfortunately enjoyed by some and terrifies the rest.

What do you do if your child gets bullied in school? What do you tell them if they are called names? What if a child hits or pushes your child? Do you tell them to ignore it? Do you tell them to tell the teacher? Do you tell them to hit the other child back?

Whatever YOUR course of action is for your own child, make sure your child knows exactly what YOU want them to do.  It is so confusing for children because there are so many different rules out there and not everyone shares the same thoughts on the matter. The school may have a different approach than you. A lot of times children do not know what to do because they are scared they will get in trouble.  Im sure every parent will agree that they need their child to come back home looking the same way they left.  So, make sure you are absolutely clear when discussing your plan of action with your children.  Look into your local martial arts academy for bully prevention seminars and classes.