Marlboro ATA Martial Arts will be hosting a Dad and Me Workout in honor of Fathers day!

Event Date: Saturday June 10th

Times: children 4-6 years old (and their dads) 9:45AM

children 7-12 Years old (and their dads) 10:15AM

children 13 years old & up (and their dads) 12:15PM

A dad and me workout for Father’s Day can be incredibly beneficial for both the father and child involved. Firstly, it provides an opportunity for quality bonding time. Engaging in physical activity together allows for shared experiences, fostering a stronger connection and creating lasting memories. It also presents a chance for open communication, as the relaxed environment encourages conversations about various topics.

Secondly, a dad and me workout promotes a healthy lifestyle. By engaging in exercise together, fathers can serve as positive role models, instilling the importance of physical fitness and overall well-being in their children. This early exposure can help establish healthy habits that can be carried throughout life, leading to improved physical and mental health for both parties.

Furthermore, exercising together can enhance coordination and teamwork skills. Whether it’s playing catch, going for a bike ride, or participating in a sports activity, father and child can develop a sense of camaraderie, learn to work together, and build trust.

Lastly, a dad and me workout provides an opportunity for fathers to lead by example and encourage their children to challenge themselves. Through shared achievements and overcoming obstacles, children can develop confidence and a sense of accomplishment, while fathers can take pride in their child’s growth and development.

Overall, a dad and me workout for Father’s Day offers numerous benefits, including strengthened relationships, improved health, enhanced teamwork, and personal growth. It is an excellent way to celebrate the bond between a father and child while promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.

This Dad and me training is a great way to celebrate the amazing dads in the surrounding community of Marlboro, Freehold, Colts Neck, & Manalapan.

If you would like to participate you can text “Dad & Me Workout” to 732-972-8999

Marlboro ATA Martial Arts

455 County Road 520

Marlboro, NJ 07751