Marlboro ATA Martial Arts hosted an amazing Childrens Safety Seminar that was free to the community. The children learned about different situations such as:

-If you are home alone and a stranger comes to your door.

-The difference between good and bad strangers.

-If you are walking and someone pulls up to you in their car and they know your name and ask you to get in the car to go see your parents.

-If you are in a store and you can find your parents.

The children also learned different self defense moves & techniques on what to do if an adult tries to take them away.  Self awareness and awareness of their surroundings were also an important part of the seminar.

They also went over personal safety in general. They spoke to the children about creating safe habits by looking both ways before crossing the street, always buckling your seat belt and never walking home alone.

Marlboro Township Police Department partnered with Marlboro ATA to host this event.  Marlboro ATA would like to give a  huge thank you to Officer James Caulfield and Officer Brandon Attardo who stayed for the entire seminar and also taught the children about 911.  They were extremely engaging with the children who had many questions for them.

The Child Safety Seminar was as huge success. Each child who attended the seminar received a free child safety kit. Both the children and parents were thankful for everything that they learned at the seminar.   Marlboro ATA Martial Arts always loves to support the Marlboro community in any way that they can and make sure all of the children are safe.