Marlboro Township has an amazing program called TAC which stands for Teen Advisory Committee.

The Teen Advisory Committee (TAC) was formed in 2007 in an effort to give the teens of Marlboro a voice in our local government and to enhance their leadership skills and community service interaction. With the support of Mayor Hornik and the Town Council, this committee offers Marlboro’s teens the chance to share their ideas and visions to help make Marlboro a great town for them and our entire community.

TAC members continuously emphasize the importance of being “Proactive” and implementing Mayor Hornik’s “Do Good” initiatives. Some of TAC’s past, ongoing and future initiatives include:

  • Helping the Seniors of Marlboro through TAC’s Computer and Cell phone training program
    o 2 TAC members accompanied by a parent volunteer train the seniors on an individual basis at the senior’shome on the use of e-mail, internet and other computer issues. They also help the seniors with thenuances and features of their mobile phones.
  • Bringing the generations together through the use of the Wii entertainment system.o TAC members visit assisted living facilities and other senior sites, bringing the Wii system with them to engage the seniors in interactive Tennis, Bowling, Golf and other games.
  • Assisting the Township as volunteers at local events
    o Senior dinner dance, planting trees on Arbor Day, Marlboro Alliance event help, SCOPE and RECKprograms
  • Winter coat drives that collected and distributed over 500 coats to those in need.
  • Creation of a “Teen Classified” section on the town’s website to link local teens to local jobs.
  • Creation of a TAC club at Marlboro High School.
  • TAC’s “mentoring and tutoring Middle School students initiative” is being researched.
  • Building a Teen recreation center giving Marlboro teens a safe, drug and alcohol free location to gather.Potential sites are being identified.With over 300 current members, the Teen Advisory Committee is always looking for additional proactive teens to join our ranks. If you are a Marlboro Township resident between the ages of 13 and 18 and if you’d like to have a voice in Marlboro’s government, go to Email questions to register your child for TAC and to receive e-mails about future TAC meetings and DO GOOD! community service opportunities, please click here: Note that this is a double opt-in registration process, so please check your email in-box upon registering to confirm registration.

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