Marlboro Township Recreation Summer Camp 2023

For current K-6th graders Monday- Friday 9am-3pm  — 6 weeks June 26 – August 4 (no camp July 4) page2image1746535392


Space is limited

Trip busing provided by MTBOE page2image1746539888 page2image1746610096 page2image1746610384 page2image1746610736 page2image1746611024 page2image1746611312 page2image1746611600 page2image1746611888 page2image1746612176 page2image1746612464

CAMP FEE – 1st camper $1366 — 2nd camper $1,341 — 3rd camper $1,316

Non-refundable $100 Deposit

due at time of registration


50% payment is due by April 7. Payment of remaining balance due in full May 5.

Non-residents may register on March 10, if space is still available. An additional $125 fee will apply to each non-resident camper.

No refunds after April 7


All sites are fully staffed with two adult supervisors, counselors, art instructor and an EMT.
Team A 8:1 camper to staff

Team B 10:1 camper to staff Team C 10:1 camper to staff


Two off-site trips per week
Swim days at the Marlboro Swim Club Daily on-site activities include games, arts & crafts, sports, special events/shows, color war & more!

Camper should bring a bagged lunch everyday Hot lunch, snacks and beverages available for purchase on swim club days only.


Based on grade during the 2022-2023 school year

Team A: grades K,1 & 2 Site-Marlboro Rec Center

Team B: grades 3 & 4
Site- Marlboro Twp School TBA

Team C: grades 5 & 6
Site- Marlboro Twp School TBA

Pick up and drop off will be at each team’s site or the Marlboro Swim Club depending on the schedule.

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REGISTER HERE Phone: 732-617-0100