Mayor Jon Hornik has encouraged everyone to get the Neighbors app to increase the safety of our community.  This app will help Marlboro police share updates and safety alerts. The Neighbors app is a social networking app owned by Ring, LLC, a subsidiary of Using the Neighbors app will give you real time crime and safety alerts and will also be used as a tool by our police force.

Here is a great article o how the Neighbors App will help Marlboro police from

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Please  always remember to lock your car doors, take the key fobs inside, remove garage door openers, lock your doors and set alarms. Lets all help with Mayor Hornik’s ‘See Something. Say Something. We Will Do Something’ initiative.

If you see anything out of place or suspicious call the police at 732-536-0100.  For crimes in progress dial 911.

Please be careful everyone. It is a crazy world we live in so we have to be vigilant.  Take extra precautions wherever you can.