Join Resilience Martial Arts, the Asher Holmes MTEA and Asher Families in December to support this wonderful charity!  Small Miracles: Jordyn Small –  A Teen’s Inspiring Journey to Bring Comfort to Children Battling Cancer

At the tender age of 13, Jordyn Small faced a life-altering diagnosis — an inoperable brain tumor. Rather than succumbing to despair, Jordyn embarked on a courageous journey, enduring 15 months of grueling chemotherapy. However, what makes Jordyn’s story truly remarkable is not just her resilience in the face of adversity but her selfless commitment to helping other children undergoing similar challenges.

The Birth of a Foundation:

After her own harrowing experience at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), Jordyn Small decided to turn her pain into purpose. In a remarkable display of strength and empathy, she founded her own nonprofit foundation. The mission was clear: to provide comfort and support to children battling cancer at CHOP.

Gifts of Comfort:

One of the primary initiatives of Jordyn’s foundation involves gifting personalized care packages to patients undergoing treatment. These care packages, lovingly assembled by Jordyn and her dedicated team, have become a source of solace for hundreds of children. Each bag contains thoughtful items that Jordyn found particularly helpful during her own treatment journey.

The care packages include:

  1. Warm Fuzzy Socks: Recognizing the importance of warmth and comfort during treatment, Jordyn ensures that each bag contains cozy socks to keep the young patients snug.
  2. Lip Balm: Addressing the common side effect of dry lips caused by medical treatments, lip balm is a small yet invaluable addition to the care packages.
  3. Playing Cards: A simple deck of playing cards can be a powerful tool to ward off boredom during long hours of treatment, providing entertainment and distraction.
  4. Target or Amazon Gift Card: Understanding the significance of entertainment in lifting spirits, Jordyn includes gift cards in each bag. This allows patients to choose and enjoy music, movies, or games of their preference.

Technology for Connection:

Jordyn Small’s dedication goes beyond physical comfort. Recognizing the isolating nature of prolonged hospital stays, she has raised funds to gift iPads to newly diagnosed patients. These iPads serve as a lifeline, connecting young patients with their families, friends, and the outside world, providing a sense of normalcy in the midst of medical challenges.

Inspired by Jordyn’s mission, Resilience Martial Arts, Asher Holmes MTEA and Asher Families are rallying together to support this noble cause. Throughout the month of December, the community is encouraged to contribute items that will be included in the care packages for CHOP patients.

The items requested for donation are:

  • Fuzzy socks (men’s and women’s): First Grade/Second Grade
  • Small hand sanitizers: Third Grade
  • Playing cards: Fourth Grade
  • Chapsticks: Fifth Grade

Students can actively participate by bringing these items into school and dropping them in marked boxes in the main hallway. The collective generosity of the community will undoubtedly make a meaningful impact on the lives of these young patients.

Jordyn Small’s journey from a diagnosis that could have defined her to becoming a beacon of hope for others is nothing short of extraordinary. Through her foundation, she continues to bring comfort, joy, and a sense of normalcy to children facing the challenges of cancer treatment. As we join hands with the Asher Holmes MTEA and Asher Families in this collective effort, we celebrate the spirit of giving and compassion, embodying the true meaning of community support.

Please feel free to drop items off at Resilience Martial Arts – located at 450 Union Hill Road, Morganville, NJ 07751. In the same shopping center as Home Depot, right next-door to Jersey Mike’s.